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MayFest 2021 Portfolio Showcase and Lunch Slideshow Information and Instructions

Date(s) - 01/18/2021 - 05/01/2021
4:00 pm


May 1, 2021 

9:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. Pacific Time 

Portfolio Showcase and Lunch Slideshow 

The Portfolio Showcase is a wonderful opportunity to present your work, which will be judged by Sarah Baker, Associate Executive Director SCBWI and Ellice Lee, Art Director Philomel Books. Additionally, our MayFest faculty will be able to view each person’s art during the Lunch Slideshow. Judging will occur on April 30  and the winners will be announced at the end of MayFest on May 1. Certificates will be awarded to the top portfolios.

Please read through all requirements carefully. Submit your signed release form with your Portfolio in the Google Folder provided. Portfolios must be participant’s original artwork.


Portfolio Showcase and Lunch Slideshow Timeline All times are (PST)


April 9 by 7 p.m. Lisa Karmel (Co-IC) will email each participant:

  1. A personal link to his/her Portfolio Showcase Folder. She will have already placed a release form in each folder, but it is the participant’s responsibility to fill out the release form.
  2. A link to the Lunch Slideshow folder.

April 12 by 7 p.m.: 

  1. Participants upload their portfolio to their Portfolio Showcase Folder no later than 7 p.m.
  2. Participants complete, sign, and leave the release form in their Portfolio Showcase Folder.
  3. Participants upload ONE image to the Lunch Slideshow folder.


April 14 by 7 p.m.: Lisa Karmel will email a confirmation to participants that their files were successfully uploaded.


Portfolio Showcase and Lunch Slideshow Submission Directions:

Portfolio Showcase Directions:

  1. Portfolio Showcase: Upload to YOUR Google Folder 10-15 digital images in ONE PDF.
  • You may include postcards and an optional dummy*.
  • Save your file as follows: Last.First.PDF. Example: Doe.Jane.PDF
  1. Release Form:
    1. Complete and sign the Portfolio Release Form that is in your Portfolio Showcase Folder. as a PDF or Word DOC or DOCX to the Google Folder.
    2. Save the file as follows: Last name.Release.pdf or .doc or .docx

* Dummies may not, in any way, be a partially or fully published book.

Dummies may or may not be your own writing. Please do give credit where credit is due.

The dummy is simply an opportunity to display your awareness and ability to create a children’s book. The dummy is in addition to your portfolio, NOT instead of a portfolio.

Please note: Portfolios that do not follow requirements will be disqualified from judging.


Lunchtime Slideshow:

We will display a slideshow during lunch and ask the editors, agents, and participants to post

comments. Portfolio Showcase participants will upload ONE art piece from their portfolio.

 Slideshow Directions: 

  1. Upload ONE digital image for the lunchtime slideshow. 
  • Images should be saved as jpegs.
  • Image size 1024 pixels x 768 pixels at 72 dpi for optimal screen viewing
  • Include your name on the jpeg image for the slideshow.
  • Save your file as follows: Last.First.jpg. Example: Doe.Jane.jpg